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Recession Assistance
Weston Distance Learning Offers a Corporate Discount on Workers’ Retraining Programs

Fort Collins, Colorado – May 6, 2009– With unemployment rates rising throughout the country, Weston Distance Learning, Inc., a nationally accredited provider of distance education courses and degree programs, has launched an effort to help U.S. businesses. Weston is offering a 25% tuition reduction on any Weston course or degree program purchased as an outplacement benefit for a laid-off employee or as a retraining tool for a retained employee. Because Weston makes it possible for most enrollees to begin studying immediately, this offer can help alleviate a related problem: Companies in many parts of the country have become stymied in their efforts to offer timely retraining options to their staffs, because traditional retraining sites such as community colleges are currently operating at over-capacity.

“This is a tough time for everybody,” says Ann Rohr, Weston’s president. “More than half a million U.S. workers are losing their jobs every month. Employers are running into long waiting lists at traditional retraining centers. How can companies help an employee quickly gain the skills needed to compete for a new job or expand the skills needed for the one they have? We at Weston saw an opportunity to help. By lowering the cost of any Weston course or degree program bought by a company, we can assist the company and its staff, as well.”

To date, Weston’s Senior Corporate Accounts Specialist Janet Perry has contacted approximately 200 national corporations to let them know of the 25% tuition discount. Response has been positive. “We’re offering immediate help with companies’ needs for effective retraining services,” says president Rohr. “Providing a tuition discount and making it possible for students to start their lessons today – these are welcome means of assistance.”

Weston’s distance education offerings are especially well suited to meet current needs. Workers can complete lessons when and where convenient; not bound to the schedule of a traditional classroom, they can save time and money while studying. Weston courses are also career-focused; unlike some lessons in a traditional four-year degree program, each Weston lesson is directly relevant to the career a student is training for. And because Weston develops courses and degree programs intended to meet the needs of today’s job market, laid-off workers who complete a Weston course or degree program have a better chance of quickly finding employment in their new fields.

Says Rohr, “Now is the time for every company to seek ways to help other companies weather this recession. We hope our corporate discount will offer immediate relief to business owners and their employees.”

Weston Distance Learning, Inc. (Fort Collins, Colorado) is the parent company overseeing operations of three distance education schools: At-Home Professions, McKinley College and U.S. Career Institute. The schools enroll students throughout the country. Weston courses prepare students to work in more than 25 fields that offer solid job prospects and earning potential. Currently, Weston is launching a new distance education course every few months. Its state approval is issued by the Colorado Department of Education’s Division of Private Occupational Schools. Each course is accredited through the nationally recognized Distance Education and Training Council. To learn more about Weston Distance Learning, visit http://www.westondistancelearning.com.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Ann Rohr, please call marketing director Kevin White at (800) 347-7899 or email Kevin at KevinW@westondistancelearning.com.


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